Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eliminate Clutter - Inside and Out

In the midst of a huge life change, problems can feel much bigger than they are.  When your coping skills are challenged, when you're worried and your patience is wearing thin, when you're trying to figure out where you're going to go - small challenges can seem insurmountable.

I have decided that this layoff is going to be different.  I am not going to worry all the time.  I am going to be patient, and if I am not sleeping, I am going to take something to help me sleep.  I am a better, stronger, healthier and happier woman, mother, girlfriend, sister, daughter and job applicant when I am well-rested.

I am also determined to challenge the clutter in my life.  And believe me - there is clutter.  There are the thousands of  "what ifs" and "should I or nots" running through my brain; there are jobs and skills and wants and needs.  There are bills and salaries and schedules and insurance worries.

To begin to clean out the clutter, I began making lists.  I made lists of companies I would like to work for, jobs I would love to have and jobs that I might like to have.  I made lists of bills that must be paid and bills that could be postponed a little.  I made lists of bank accounts and old 401Ks and insurance companies and medications.

I periodically review and revise those lists, but now that they are on paper, they no longer have the power to keep me up at night.  I check websites and apply for positions at the companies I research...then I compile and send my information and let it go.  I pay my bills as best I can, once a week, based on due dates, and I am grateful that I can do so.  I take my vitamins and brush my teeth and make sure that I express my thankfulness for a strong and healthy body daily.  And, I pray.  It doesn't matter, really, who you decide to pray to, but invite a higher power on your journey, and let that higher power carry some of your burden.  It can be too much to carry by yourself.

As I review and declutter these important "rooms" in my head, and in my soul, I am also decluttering my home.  I am going through every room in my house with the intention of eliminating any source of stress or worry.  Anything in my home that isn't useful, beautiful or a transmitter of joy no longer has a place.

Start to think about the things in your home.  Are there piles of magazines that you feel obligated to keep (you did SUBSCRIBE after all) but that you haven't had time to read?  You have permission to recycle them.  Do you have utensils or pots and pans in the kitchen that you never use, taking up space?  Pack them up!  Are there shoes or clothes in your closet that you haven't felt great in for a long time?  Get them cleaned and ready to go!

Don't worry - I am not only giving you permission to declutter your life - inside and out - but I am going to share some ideas for recycling, reusing and even making money from this endeavor.  When you are done, you will feel empowered, relaxed, hopeful and deserving of new opportunities.

To begin this part of your journey, start making lists of the things in your life that seem to demand the most attention.   As you make your lists and review the stressors in your life, they will lose their power and feel more manageable.  Just writing things down can help.  Come back to this blog over the next several days and I will help you on the next phase of your journey...we'll travel together.

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