Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do What You Love...

During a time of transition, it is important to be gentle with yourself.  Allow yourself some time to wallow.  Not a lot, but some.  Transition, especially when it is due to circumstances beyond your control, can be really difficult.  It can be positive, interesting, exciting and appealing, but it is always challenging. 

Doing something that you love, perhaps for no reason other than that you love it, is really important to your mental health.  It will help you to be optimistic and inspired. 

When you're working, your paycheck and the perks that come along with your position contribute to your feeling of value. They are a tangible illustration of your worth. When those perks and benefits go away, you can waver - what is your value with no tangible validation from a company?

My personal goal is to make a connection - a real connection - every day.  It can be helping someone carry groceries to their car, assisting a child that needs help, volunteer work, just chatting with someone who clearly needs someone to talk to...the opportunities are endless.

When I make that connection, and feel as though I have helped someone, it lifts my spirits. It takes me away from my worry and alleviates some of my stress.  I am still out of work, but the connection makes me feel useful.  I believe that part of my purpose is to make others feel valued.  Therefore, when I touch someone, and make them feel heard, I feel like I have achieved my purpose.

Only you know what makes you feel truly fulfilled.  For some it is keeping an immaculately clean house,  preparing nourishment for your family and friends, being a good steward of the earth  or crafting.  My cousin taught herself to crochet, and she does amazing things with her hook and her yarn.  While shopping recently, she gave one of her character hats to a small girl in a wheelchair.  She and the child's mother shared a few moments of unadulterated joy and thankfulness and my cousin has vowed to share her creations with children in need.  It made the child really happy, and it made my cousin feel WONDERFUL! 

When you make a concerted effort to reach out and impact the world around you, in whatever way is fulfilling to you - you make the world a better place.  And, in so doing, the world around you becomes brighter and more interesting.  This optimism - this hope - will help you move through this challenging time.  And, confirm for you, that "this too shall pass."

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