Thursday, June 28, 2012


Since I have been out of work, I feel a little bit like Pigpen from the Peanuts comic strips.  My "dirt" is worry.  

There was a time, during my last layoff, when I worried about everything:  I worried about money, of course, but it was more than that.  I worried that I was in the wrong career, but I didn't know what to change.  I worried that I would have to take "any" job instead of the "right" job.  I worried about missed opportunities and opportunities that never were.  I worried that my worry would scar my son for life.  In the middle of the night I worried that I will lose my house and my dog will be given to strangers.

None of these things came to be.  I found a job that I thought was my dream job, I kept my family and my home intact, and I worked hard.  To find myself in the same position, 18 months later, was disheartening, but not defeating.

This time is different.  Having weathered that storm, I know that I am strong and capable, and I will find a job that is a good fit.  I read "The Secret" and understand and believe in the power of gratitude and conviction.  Therefore, I have decided that I will have a job that I am excited about, working with people that value my skills, by Labor Day weekend.   I learned things at my last job that will be valued and appreciated at the next, and I will excel.

This is not to say that I am sitting still doing nothing.  I am polishing up my resume with every application and writing unique cover letters to send with every one of them.  I am scouring the ads for marketing professionals and focusing on the positions that would allow me to make the strongest contribution.  In the meantime, however, I am going to accomplish other things.  In my last post, I discussed the value of decluttering.  I decluttered my mind, putting my worries to rest with conviction and resolve.   I am also decluttering my home.  

I have sold HUNDREDS of dollars worth of "stuff" at consignment, and used some of the credit to purchase things I need - or want - that I have had to cut out of my budget.  This is the ultimate in recycling.  I have an unhealthy, superstitious attachment to some items - dresses I wore to a particular event, gifts I received from people that have passed away or are no longer in my life, and items that I used to love...that I no longer do. 

I am shedding those items and preparing myself for the day when I can have a "playroom" and a "craftsroom" with the space I am clearing.  Along with the shedding of items, I am shedding their hold on me - and freeing up space in my home and my head.  It feels great - I am sleeping better, waking up excited about the progress I am making and even feeling more energized about applying for jobs.  I think that the feeling of accomplishment carries over into other areas of my life.  During this time, I need to feel empowered.  I need to feel like I am capable, worthy and competent.  So, I am balancing my job search with tasks that will allow me to feel fabulous.  

There are many other things that I am doing to feel better about my situation; this blog being one of them.  I recently gave a presentation on how to stay motivated during a job search, I am on the board of a prominent local nonprofit and I exercise frequently...

I am going to share more of these activities with you all, in the hopes that some of the ideas will resonate with you, so you can re-energize your search and find the peace and inspiration that I have.   

I challenge you - right now - to start thinking about your checklist.  Make a list of tasks you need to do, another of things you'd like to get done, another of the things you're worried about and another of all your strengths.  Keep lists of the jobs you apply for and even the rejections you receive.  

The more lists you make of the things taking up space in your head, the more you declutter your mind, allowing you to sleep better and awaken ready for new challenges every new day, as you take the next step on your journey.